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The Truth of the Matter

The truth is: Everyone Matters. Some truths are blown up in the media. Blown up so far as to create a "band wagon" for which people will jump on without thinking about those which said "band wagon" actually runs over.

The truth is: the truth can be ugly depending on your perspective. If you are being run over by someone else's truth, your view is not pretty.

The truth is: opinions are not truth. We often state our opinions with authority. Our opinions are often right... for our own perspective. "Nobody's right if everybody's wrong" is an appropriate lyric from Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth".

The truth is: selflessness can be harmful. When someone has a genuine desire to make a difference in others' lives and has crossed the line by ignoring their own physical and mental health... over time leads to burnout and resentment. It also can lead to enabling an individual and hindering their development.


The truth is out there. It matters. You matter and you are beautiful.

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