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Limited Series Calendar

Pre-order your Groblins 2024 Calendar.  Created in conjuction with AI.  Hand painted digitally. 

 $15 plus $10 S&H, USA delivery only.  Order here or on Shopify. Please contact for additional information or questions.

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Rocky Mountain Bee Dream

by PammyJ

Free seeds with every order or order seeds alone.

Contact PammyJ for details

"I thought the bees were gone from the area and when these plants grew (and boy did they grow - over 5 feet tall) the flowers were buzzing with so many bees you could hear them from 20+ feet away." a happy gardener


Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Cleome serrulata)

Beautiful pink-flowered herb can grow up to 4-feet tall. IThe nectar-filled blossoms  attract a diverse array of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and wasps. This plant has a long blooming season: anytime from May thru September. 

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant can be found throughout western North America, from southern British Columbia, east to Minnesota, and as far south as Arizona and New Mexico. It is now also naturalized in eastern areas of North America. This species was one of the many new plants collected in 1804 during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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