Passion.  It is what fuels the world.  My world, my passion is for each click of my camera to reflect the beauty I see every day.    In my world, I use my passion and creativity to enhance the beauty, to bring out details others may overlook.

Photography & Fine Art

A camera has been in my hands since I was in grade school.  Having D/deaf parents made me more attuned to visual nuances.  Body language and facial expressions meant a deeper knowledge of emotions.  At first my pictures were of animals and family.  Now, I see beauty in the curve of a neck or pointing of a foot.  These visual clues are the mystery of life.  My passion is to bring out the beauty in everyone.


Everyone means you.  You are beautiful, strong, and worthy.  I want to show you what you mean to the world.  I want to create fine art that makes a statement.  It's up to you to share it.